AMTA Conference Diary-February 20, 2012 Entry

February: An Exceptionally Good Start

Monday, 20 February, 2012
Days before the Conference: 234 days
Days before Call for Papers Deadline (March 1, 2012): 11 days (or 264 hours)

Just got back from our first Conference Planning Site Visit at the
Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, IL. Am very pleased – great visit, great
site, great Local Planning crew, should be a great conference. My first

The Site:
The Resort: Pheasant Run Resort (
-Outside of “Chicagoland” but with a little something for everyone. Great
venue for conference sessions, but also great location to relax and
refresh, includes golf (may have to take it up), indoor & outdoor
fireplaces (don’t miss the Smores!), spa, theatre &comedy club,
indoor-outdoor year-round pools, shopping – don’t miss Ben & Jerry’s!

-Family-friendly resort, so bring the kids if you have them. I don’t, but
I already have a date for the spa and Ben & Jerry’s, not necessarily in
that order.

-Our unique conference date of October should provide us with good weather.

The Location:
-About a 35-minute drive from Chicago O’Hare; AMTA will be arranging
airport shuttles just for us.

-Just a hop from the quaint downtown area of St. Charles
( – friendly hotel staff will drive you into
town if you don’t have a car.

-About 45 miles from Chicago
( ;
working to arrange possible entertainment shuttle just for us from the
resort to catch some blues in the city.

The Conference:
Already lined up:
-NMT Training with Michael Thaut, Oct 8 -11
-NICU Training with Jayne Standley, Oct 10
-GIM Level I Training with Fran Goldberg & Louise Dimiceli-Mitran, Oct
8-11, Max participants: 12
-Music Therapy Drumming, 18 credits Bill Matney, Carolyn Koebel, and
Kalani, Oct 9 and 10

Entertainment/Big Names
-Exploring possibilities for great local entertainment
-May have some big names who could join us – can’t reveal more now, but
they’ve been in Twitter

Better remind people to follow us for the full scoop on AMTA Twitter,
Facebook, & WordPress

-Twitter (@AMTA2012), Facebook (Amta2012), and WordPress

Better remind people to mark their calendars, submit their proposals, and
join us in October! (


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