AMTA 2012 Conference Diary February 23, 2012 Entry

AMTA 2012 Conference Diary

                ~ Sandi Curtis, VP & Conference Chair


End of February: A Quick Wrap Up!

Thursday, 23 February, 2012

Days before the Conference: 231 (or 5,544 hours or 332,640 minutes)

Days before Call for Papers Deadline (March 1, 2012): 7 days  (8 including March 1st for the procrastinators)


Can absolutely not believe March 1 is soo close – feel a bit like the ground hog of Ground Hog Day for the AMTA 2012! Hopefully not as fuzzy or as nearsighted.


Some have been asking, why the rush? Had to set the 2012 AMTA conference for Oct 11 through 14. Times are tight, conference hotel rates have (strangely) been sky rocketing and our member numbers have (happily) being growing – so creativity is the name of the game in finding the right venue with the right price. Must remember to thank AMTA Conference guru, Al Bumanis, and his faithful sidekick, Cindy Smith, for their creative and definitely hard work in finding the 2012 venue.


Asked national office staff if we could buy a private AMTA plane to shuttle everyone back and forth between  the airport & the Pheasant Run Resort – bummer, it’s a no go; they muttered something about fiscal responsibility. Perfectly understandable, but sure would have been sweet. Maybe they would go for greeting everyone at the airport shuttle witha glass of bubbly, like they do at those south sea island resorts. Regardless, still liking our very own Pheasant Run Resort ( for the 2012 AMTA – best of both worlds – stay and relax at the resort and/or pop into Chicago for a taste of the city.


Thrilled to be in the process of lining up a REALLY GREAT group for the grand opening on Thursday evening. Love their music, used lots of their CDs in my music therapy worked, so big. Of course, Al would kill me if I spill the beans now on just who before it’s official . . .


Hmm, let’s double check I’ve got my facts right, so much to keep in mind:

–          Conference Dates: October 11 – 14

–          Conference Specialities: NMT Training with Michael Thaut, NICU Training with Jayne Standley, GIM Level I Training with Fran Goldberg & Louise Dimiceli-Mitran, Music Therapy Drumming, with Bill Matney, Carolyn Koebel, and Kalani


Better remind people AGAIN to follow us for the full scoop on AMTA Twitter, Facebook, & WordPress

–          Twitter (@AMTA2012), Facebook (Amta2012), and WordPress (


Better remind people AGAIN to mark their calendars, submit their proposals, and join us in October!



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