Conference Diary Entry 3/17/12 (shared a little late by the over busy local chair)

AMTA 2012 Conference Diary
~ Sandi Curtis, VP & Conference Chair

Saturday, 17 March, 2012
Days before the Conference: 209 days
Hours before the Conference: 5,106 hours
Minutes before the Conference: 300,960 minutes
But who’s counting

What a grand day. Woke up this morning to see many wearing the green. I think every other person organizing a conference will be a little bit green with envy when they see the lineup we have for the 2012 AMTA. I’m even jealous of myself as I make plans for the May 2012 Gender Conference in Montreal too.

I can’t believe the fabulous options – from incredible Institutes and CMTEs, to some really exciting performers. It’s still pretty hush, hush and who knows what will happen if I spill the beans, but let`s just say I wonder

• if the letters N-R mean anything to people or
• if The Babes mean anything to people

Okay, so we had Oprah speak at the AMTA conference the last time it was in Chicago, and we can`t get her in 2012 (unless there is someone out there who has a connection . . .), but we`ve got the Babes (not their full name, just trying to keep things on the down-low). THE BOSTON GLOBE calls them Traveling Oprah Winfreys (take that, Oprah!), and BILLBOARD writes “The Babes showcase the wry humor and musical prowess that they command at their nimble fingertips. Stirring acoustic sets, stir the heart as well as the funny bone.” They`ve a great website (, but I like them even better in person – and I`ve used their music in my music therapy practice. How fab is that?

Note to Self: Better remember to send kudos out to Becky Wellman and all of her gang on the Local Conference Planning Committee. They’ve hit the ground running, and have really gotten into the social media thing:
• Twitter (@AMTA2012)
• Facebook (Amta2012),
• WordPress (

Al, Cindy, Dianne, Andi et al. are no slouches either with their work and the AMTA website:
Enough said!


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