Where’s the CMTE Info?

AMTA 2012 Conference Diary

                ~ Sandi Curtis, VP & Conference Chair

Where’s the CMTE Info?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Days before the Conference: 127 days

Hours before the Conference:   3,048 hours

Minutes before the Conference:  182,880 minutes

And I am definitely counting!


So where is the CMTE info??

Phew! We’ve got all the CMTEs lined up, all the Concurrent Sessions lined up (hundreds of ‘em), conference artwork is done, and Online Conference & Hotel Registration is up and running! But oops! We are too darn good – our complete conference program is still at the printer’s waiting on one final item before it can go to press; so nothing official available yet on all our wonderful CMTEs and sessions. And eager people already asking – I had better post something on our social media right now!


Just checked out our Conference Hotel website – looks great! I may need to check in there now for their fabulous spa! Could definitely use it! http://www.pheasantrun.com/spa.php




Well Diary, I’d better go. Gotta check to see that the AMTA 2012 CMTE info gets posted in the social media:

  • Twitter (@AMTA2012)                                                  
  • WordPress (AMTA2012.wordpress.com)             
  • Facebook (Amta2012)

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