Conference Diary 7/7/12

AMTA 2012 Conference Diary

Sandi Curtis, VP & Conference Chair

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Days before Early Bird Registration Deadline: 4 days!

Days before the Conference: 96 days

Hours before the Conference:  2,304 hours

Minutes before the Conference:  138,240 minutes


Yikes! I’d better register for the 2012 AMTA now myself! And tell my friends too. We could save $100 to $200 each with the July 11 Early Bird Registration Rates. There are so many Institutes, Training, and CMTE sessions that I am not sure I can make up my mind; but not to worry. Word from the our AMTA folks in the national office is that I can get my Conference Registration in for the Early Bird Deadline and then send in my other stuff later as  I make up my mind.


Hmmm, should it be a little NMT, BM GIM, NICU or Drumming training? And how about those CMTEs – there’s everything from kids to adults, from clinical practice to ethics and business, and a whole lot more.



Well Diary, I’d better go. Gotta check out the latest on our AMTA 2012 in the social media:

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