Shhhhhhhhh…We’re Drumming!

For all those attending AMTA this year; REMO is sponsoring a NEW kind of drum circle on Saturday evening; a NOT SO LOUD (NSL) drum circle! I have the honor of facilitating this open event – you can bring your friends, partners, kids etc. Well known local drummer and Taiko expert, John Yost, will be joining us to co-facilitate this powerful opportunity for self-care, musical expression, and most of all – joyful community building. By using softer drums and percussion instrument, we can allow for more chanting and harmonizing, to blend into our rhythms.

The title is “Shhhhhhhhh – we’re drumming.”

I encourage you to come Saturday evening, particularly if you’ve never been to the AMTA drum circle, or been turned away by the volume of 400 people drumming together. This year – it will be a magical evening of rhythm, in a sound balanced healthy ear kind of way!

happy drumming,

Christine Stevens, Founder, UpBeat Drum Circles
Author, Music Medicine; the science and spirit of healing yourself with sound (Sounds True)
SKYPE – ubdrumcircles
FACEBOOK – Christine Stevens, Music Medicine, UpBeat Drum Circles


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