AMTA Conference Diary: October 16, 2012

AMTA 2012 Conference Diary

~ Sandi Curtis, VP & Conference Chair

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Days since the 2012 conference ended: 2 days; beginning to suffer withdrawal

Days before the 2013 AMTA Conference: 401 days!

Phew! It’s over. The AMTA 2012 has come to an official end. What a fabulous bunch of training and concurrent sessions, CMTEs, and music experiences. I am so impressed by the incredible talent of all involved. And I can’t say enough about the incredible troupe of people who worked so hard donating their time and skills to make the conference a great success. Hope everyone took a look at our AMTA Conference Program to see all involved – in front of and behind the scenes.

I certainly hope everyone had a great time. But who would have thought getting home from the Pheasant Run would have been more challenging than getting there:) Wonder if others got stuck like I did in the Chicago airport with no way out – wind and rain and tornadoes, oh my! I finally got home at 3 am on Monday after spending 14 hours in transit, and what seemed like standing in a gazillion lines to re-book and re-book again alternate flights. And my luggage is still out there traveling the world somewhere without me. Hope it finds its way home – or at least sends me a postcard.

Note to Self: Be very, very careful in choosing next year’s theme. This year’s theme of “Changing Winds” was a bit too prophetic.

Well diary, better scoot – got to get planning for the 2013 conference. Can hardly wait to throw another party for my 1,600 music therapy friends. Whoo hoo! Jacksonville, Florida (downtown by the riverfront) here we come!


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